Access credit at any time, from anywhere, for your mobile services

Continuous service in the provision of nanocredits to mobile subscribers. Multiple products allow us to laser-target segments of prepaid users and create incremental value for the mobile network operators.

  • Challenge

    Commoditized business models (voice and data) seeking new ways to monetize existing customers.

    Churn increase due to the friction in user experience when prepaid user is disconnected for running out of balance

  • Business Partner Opportunities

    New revenue upsell source with higher margin

    Increase the loyalty by keep users connected to the network even when they run out of credit.

  • Users benefits

    Mobile users can stay connected when they need it most.

    User journey with easy and personalized options targeted to their needs.

Features Highlight

  • Customized, relevant credit limits

    Scoring that allows subscribers enough credit to complete their transactions but does not drown them in debt.

  • Purpose-built credit services

    Laser-focused service design to offer credit to particular, priority segments of the mobile operator business.

  • Flexible business models & integration approaches

    Over a decade of applying our products in diverse markets allows us to thrive in even the most challenging environments.

Microfinance + Loop Digital Engagement Platform

End-to-end solution that evolves with the dynamics of the prepaid market
  • Microfinance
    Mobile Credit Services

    Data Advance
    Credit Advance
    Voice Advance

  • Loop Digital
    Engagement Platform


  • Microfinance
    Mobile Credit Services

    Data Advance
    Credit Advance
    Voice Advance

  • Loop Digital
    Engagement Platform


The combination of Mobile Credit Services' data-based credit offers with advanced AI scoring and Loop's orchestration capabilities reduces user friction and increases conversions and ARPU.

Loop enables businesses to engage with customers across different channels, including Captive Portals, Social Media, SMS, RCS, email, WhatsApp, push notifications, and more, improving the overall customer experience.

The Formula for Success

Combining UX expertise, business models, and advanced analytics, we offer the best products for mobile operators and users.

  • Multi-product, orchestrated approach

    Targeted, specialized credit providing more reasons for subscribers to use their available credit.

  • Hot offers and effective channels

    Knowing what to offer, when and through channels the subscriber feels comfortable.

  • Proven advanced data analytics

    Maximizing credit risk to deliver the highest performing credit service with the best user experience.

  • Flexible Charging Models

    Flexible business models must support the introduction of specialized credit services.

An Offer For Everybody

From essential services to the latest market trends, we provide the best-fit offer and anticipate the user's needs.

  • On-Demand

    Occasional credit users consuming different network services.

  • Data Packs Credit

    Heavy data users needing credit for data bundle purchase or renewal.

  • Call Advance

    The service will complete failed calls due to insufficient balance without the need to redial.

  • Bundle

    Providing product subscriptions or bundles instead of airtime credit into the main wallet.

  • Gaming Credits

    Gamers that need to purchase items to complete their online games.

  • VAS Credit

    Failed attempt to purchase Value Added Services (VAS), Content, or Subscriptions.

  • Direct Carrier Billing Credit

    Failed attempt to use Direct MNO Billing for in-app purchases or external services.

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