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Mobile Scoring

We convert mobile data into scores and analytics, enhancing financial industry processes and decision-making.



Partner benefits

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    Data is a valuable asset. We help Mobile Network Operators to monetize it by using it to enhance business processes in other industries.

  • Generate new revenues by monetizing the data in a secured and authorized way.

  • Co-creating and commercializing innovative solutions for process enhancement in industries like Finance and Utilities.

Why Bemobi?

We offer expert solution development support, with a focus on finance and eCommerce, ensuring alignment with mobile operators and mediating to protect sensitive data. We also secure end-user consent for mobile data use.

We act as a neutral entity that mediates so that sensitive information is not transferred between financial institutions and mobile operators.

We ensure the acceptance of the use of mobile data by the end user, coordinating joint efforts with those who will use the solutions.

Explore the solutions for the Financial Industry

Learn more about the solutions we have developed for the Financial Industry using Mobile Operators' Alternative Data.


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